Bucket List: Attend A Military Ball

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I am so excited to mark a military ball off of my bucket list! And with one of my best guy friends of 12 years. I was so honored to be his date last night at the Navy Birthday Ball in Wilmington, NC. I don’t know if you can tell the difference in uniforms…but he is a Marine. Apparently the Marines are party of the Navy? Fun little fact right there. SO he gets to go to the Navy Ball and Marine Ball! Double the fun ;)

Oh, and if you haven’t been to Wilmington yet…go! It is the cutest town and has some amazing restaurants downtown. And walkable! No wonder so many TV shows and movies are shot there.

Rest In Peace, My Former Lover

Today started like so many of my mornings. I shooed my three half-asleep dogs through the doggie door and nestled back in bed to view what I missed in the past eight hours (or in last night’s case, four).

Timehop is undoubtedly my favorite daily check. I love sending screencaps of funny moments to friends and ask “remember when?!”…it starts the day off on a positive note by reminding me of people who are/were important to me. It allows me to reach out with a “thinking of you” and cute picture memory aka a little happy sure to deliver a smile. And for those who I’ve drifted apart from (usually due to a city change), I can send a random yet sincere “thinking of you” note.

So when I found one of my favorite photos of all time on my Timehop from 5 years ago this AM, I sent it to my best friend with “Shadows with Ethan* (name changed)” and some smile laugh emojis – because that was such an epic night…and one badass picture of us three.

I immediately stalked Ethan’s Facebook page to see what his cute self has been up to…expecting to find him a happy groom in a wedding photo like so many of my past love affairs. What I found was a punch to the gut. Devastating. It took a moment to even register what I was looking at. I was staring at a picture of his grave and an outpouring of grief on his wall from the past year.

Ethan was one of the rare good guys I dated (and left in the world). Cute, charming, nice, a true southern gentleman at the more mature age of 32. I was 25 and at the peak of my party girl days. My dad was dying and most of my time was spent trying to ignore that fact by having too much fun with my girlfriends downtown. Ethan was a breath of fresh air and that fall romance was one of my favorites…mostly because it was simple…no seriousness, just laughter and adventures with a genuinely good guy.

My brief relationship with him was unexpectedly a marker in my life. One of my girlfriends had a fling with his brother, another friend had a flirtation with his roommate and another had a dalliance with his coworker. It was right before my group of friends dispersed all over the country – the last time we were all together – before everything changed.

Ethan and I quickly fizzled due to his maturity and my inability to process anything but my father’s illness. He needed something more than trips to Tunica, drinks at Silly Goose, sleepovers at his place, and dancing at Shadows. I just wanted fun to offset my sadness.

He moved back to his hometown shortly after we ended but maintained a mild flirtation throughout the years online. Silly, right? But whenever I saw a comment from him or like on a picture, I would smile. It’s bizarre how those seemingly small interactions (through social media nevertheless) do have an impact on one’s life.

Which brings me to my confusion about my feelings. I barely knew this guy. We dated for a few months five years ago. Sure, he crosses my mind now-and-then, but let’s not forget that it took me almost an entire year for me to even know he passed away. Do I even have a right to feel sad? But if not, why does my heart hurt so much? We didn’t have a meaningful (or deep) relationship…I didn’t love him…but I did share my time and body with him.

I don’t know how he passed away. I can only assume a car wreck due to the shock and suddenness. Maybe it is the cold dose of reality that has me so upset – the fact that anyone can go at anytime without warning. Even if you are one of the good ones.

So RIP, my former lover. We didn’t know each other well or long, but I do have fond memories of you…and thank you for being a positive in my life. You are (not were) a beautiful soul.

Day 23 – No Booze, No Boys 90 Day Challenge…I Cracked

Confession: I cracked a teensy bit tonight…I downloaded Tinder…but only for some window shopping!

I was lonely…and bored…and tired of working, and the next thing I knew that app magically appeared on my phone and my thumbs were swiping away!

…BUT (because this is the smallest city in the world) I was immediately called out on it by three guy friends. How annoying/embarrassing for my weakening resolve to be so public…


Bucket List: Private Outdoor Yoga Session at Château de Pittman

My love affair with yoga only started this spring…but ever since that encounter in May, I simply can’t get enough.

Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!
Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!
Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!
Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!

My teetotaling voyage (Day 22!) has made it difficult to see my friends; so on Monday, I hosted a healthy (and alcohol-free) yoga girls night in my mother’s breathtaking backyard (humble brag: her yard has been featured in numerous magazines).

Diana Owens, from Delta Groove Yoga, led a kundalini meditation combo class that blew everyone’s minds. Even the weather was on our side: 70s with a balmy breeze. The session was indescribable…and surprisingly spiritual.  My biggest takeaway: I have the most amazing, powerful, loving women in my life.

Of course, I had to hire a photographer to document the event…because I’m addicted to capturing every special moment on film. But I also thought my mother would appreciate photographs of her magical backyard. Any time I can do something nice for her, I try. She does so much for me.

Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!
Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie

Another favorite moment was everyone gathering inside afterwards to eat, talk, and laugh. I looked around the room and was literally in awe of not only how physically beautiful all of my friends are , but how impressive they are…these are the future leaders of Memphis. My friends make this a better city; but more importantly, they have the loveliest souls.

Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!
Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!

“Have only love in your heart for others. The more you see the good in them, the more you will establish good in yourself.” – From Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi

Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!
Private Yoga Sesh at Château de Pittman. Thanks for the photos, John Parie!

Day 21 – No Booze, No Boys 90 Day Challenge

I’m sick. And when I’m sick, I indulge in things that I normally don’t…like TV and ice cream. Today, it was Magic Mike XXL (now out on BluRay/DVD, thank the heavens)…and it was the first time in the whole challenge where I doubted if I could make it the whole 90 days without a boy…

Wonder why:

Source: Joe Manganiello's Twitter https://twitter.com/JoeManganiello?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
Source: Joe Manganiello’s Twitter 


So hot I want to cry. I miss dating…among other things.