Day 15 – No Booze, No Boys & Marking Off That Bucket List!

I’m still on the wagon. I don’t know why I didn’t write for over a week…perhaps embarrassment? So many people inquired if I had a drinking problem…and I couldn’t properly explain/convey that I just needed to hit a restart button on my life.

And I have. My entire life has changed in a mere two weeks. And tonight was the first night I journeyed into a bar with a client to test myself…*relief* there I sat with ginger ale in my champagne glass. I’ve never felt more powerful…so maybe I do have a drinking problem…or, maybe (let’s spin this positively), I finally have willpower.

Hit it hard! #ILoveMyPinkGloves
Hit it hard! #ILoveMyPinkGloves

Things haven’t happened like I expected though. For starters, I thought I couldn’t remember things because I’d been drinking…turns out, I just have a really foggy memory. Need to start popping ginkgo biloba and working those crossword puzzles to get my mind going. Secondly, I didn’t lose weight overnight, which shocked me to the core considering I’m saving all those empty alcohol calories AND going to kickboxing an hour every day. Let’s hope it’s muscle. I’ve actually gained a pound, go figure.

But the most important thing is that my real friends are supportive. And not in a “oh cool, good luck” sort of way. They cheer me on with texts daily. They gush over my progress. They ask questions about my journey. I am in awe, humbled, and surprised that they care about me this much. I feel blessed. And, no, I’m not doing the humble brag #blessed…their kindness has made me reevaluate everything.

Blue line to show support for the Memphis Police Department!
Blue line to show support for the Memphis Police Department!

Aside from no booze, no boys and exercising, I’ve focused on my bucket list – the ultimate source of happiness for me. Last week alone, I voted in my first mayoral election, painted a blue line in front of my home to show my support of the Memphis Police Department, returned a lost dog home after posting his picture on social media, and competed in the M-Azing Race.

I also finally cleaned out my closet this week…which doesn’t sound glamorous or even worthy of being on a bucket list…but it has been on my to-do list for two years now and deserves a celebration. Must be that sobriety, y’all.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.35.30 PM
M-Azing Race!

“So this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that can be.” – The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Bucket List: Vote in a Mayoral Election

Mark it off the bucket list! finally voted in a mayoral election! I’ve always been diligent about voting in the presidential races, but have been a bit lazy when it comes to Memphis…well, no more! We need a change, y’all (and you can’t complain if you don’t vote)!

I voted today!
I voted today!

In-and-out in less than 10 minutes due to early voting…no excuses! Go cast your vote! :)

Day 7 (I made it a whole week!) – No Booze, No Boys 90 Day Challenge

This has been the longest week of my entire life…and I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. I have had more time than I know what do with…and frankly, that’s frightening…because what have I been doing with my life before this?

I have had more energy, empathy, thoughts, and time than I knew possible. I am nicer, relaxed, and more productive. My affirmations and daily readings bring light into my life and my days are much more intentional. I am acting with precision instead of reacting to the chaos.

…this makes me melancholy but exhilarated. A whole new world.

Day 6 – No Booze, No Boys 90 Challenge

Still going strong…went to kickboxing for the first time and signed up on the spot…for a year. Yikes – commitment. How unlike me. Luckily it was the best workout I’ve had (minus my personal trainer, of course) in years…having trouble walking at the moment though…and my legs are covered in bruises…may need a spray tan to cover these spots.

Sidenote: kickboxing is the place for eye candy. There was a tall Adonis with a full beard and man bun who drives an Audi…definitely motivation to go back ;) …a girl can look! That’s not breaking any rules!

Also went on an hour and a half bike ride with my bestie…and got a blow out at the salon. Lovely day. Oh, and I read a book…and still managed to go to work. No booze, no boys is fun…and working.

Weight: 142.2

“Take A Few Lovers, Travel The World, And Don’t Take Any Crap” – Day 5 of No Booze, No Boys 90 Day Challenge

“Take a few lovers, travel the world, and don’t take any crap.” – Susan Jane Gilman in Kiss My Tiaraalso, my new motto.

My well loved and read copy of Kiss My Tiara by Susan Jane Gilman
My well-loved and read copy of Kiss My Tiara by Susan Jane Gilman

I’ve loved this book since high school. Any time I need a reality check or simply a laugh, this is my go-to. So this morning, upon waking up at 7 am (on a Sunday?!), I grabbed my vegan protein shake and settled on my back porch for an hour of reading…and then relaxed in the bathtub and read some more. By 9:30 am, I had done two things that I love to do but never seem to have time to do.

…until now. So this is how sobriety feels. And I fully realize that is a very strong statement (for many reasons), and therefore should not be said lightly. But it’s the truth. I am blown away by how alive I feel…and it is only day 5.

yeah, yeah, if you follow me on Facebook you know this is my bath from last week...but it's the same thing so...
yeah, yeah, if you follow me on Facebook you know this is my bath from last week…but it’s the same thing so…

By 10:15 am I was already happily wandering the seemingly infinite aisles of Costco with my mother, when I made the unexpected purchase of a Fitbit. I don’t know how this happened (or who I’m becoming)…I swore I’d never buy one…and yet, this is the most excited I’ve been about a purchase in the last 6 months.

Fitbit + David Yurman = swoon <3
Fitbit + David Yurman = swoon <3

So then I went for a run with my new Fitbit…listened to some podcasts (can’t recommend The Art of Charm enough)…cleaned out my closet…did laundry…took a nap…did some work for tomorrow…took the dogs for a walk…went to my mom’s…visited a sick friend…cooked dinner…tweeted at people (when Serial Dynasty and Susan Jane Gilman both retweeted me today…I shrieked like a 5 year old…oh and The Art of Charm favorited one of my tweets, but whose counting…me)…read some more…and still had time to write on this blog. Bottom line: I have time to do things…I just have to remain on course and keep the nonsense out (i.e. booze and boys) so this magical feeling can continue throughout my life…and be my life. I’m sold on this challenge I’ve created, y’all. I may never stop.

My three musketeers
My three musketeers

Which brings up my (current) thoughts on the man situation. Because while the no alcohol thing is a no brainer (forever if I choose…and likely), I do like some male companionship…I just need it to be on my terms. I’ve read countless dating books these past 5 days and listened to just as many podcasts on the subject…and the one thing I’ve concluded is that I’m not meant to date (shocker). I just want to enjoy my life, go on adventures/travel, laugh…a lot, spend time with loved ones, write, ride my horse, and pursue my passions. I don’t want to play games or worry about if he’s ever going to call…or did I play hard to get…or did I let him be a hunter…and blah blah blah it never stops! And it’s so boring! Plus, I am such a people pleaser that as soon as I get in a relationship or if I even like a boy it becomes all about them and not me. I lose track of my wants and needs…even my identity. But no more! I’ll save my official dating plan for another post…but for now you can get the gist with “take a few lovers (well…in 85 days), travel the world, and don’t take any crap!”

Weight: 142.5

Day 4 – No Booze, No Boys 90 Day Challenge

Please forgive the unbrushed hair and no makeup…I was too ecstatic to already be seeing results on Day 4. After only three full days of no booze or boys, my stomach is night and day.

FullSizeRender (2)I used to think my mom was just being overly critical when she told me I bloat easily…but now, I realize that she was right…like she always is…how annoying.

Another epiphany: weekends are a little gift from heaven…when you aren’t drinking. I’m always going, going, going…but when you cut the drinking aspect out, you have heaps of time to do things that need to get done…or things you want to do…like reading a book all day or riding your bike…or horse.

I thought it was impossible. I complained for years that I didn’t have enough time to do it all…but the main thing I’ve learned these past 4 days is to cut out all the meaningless distractions, because then you will have time…life actually slows down when you live an intentional life. It’s a blessing.

Weight: 142.8