Jennifer Love Hewitt – The Client List

I will admit that I’ve been checking Google trends religiously to see if a topic caught my eye but alas, Jennifer Love Hewitt it is. I actually really like her as an actress, but I had no idea what I could possibly say about her. She seems to be one of those actresses that is always working, which is very impressive, but has never made it to the “A” list.

I caught a little bit of her new show The Client List last night on Lifetime. That’s one of my big secrets…I’m a Lifetime junkie. I can’t help it. I love their movies. And sometimes when I’m at a crossroads in life, I really do think about what I would want my Lifetime movie to show I did.

I am not sure if I will start watching her show. I hate Army Wives. I think Lifetime should stick to their brilliant movies. (Plus I never really forgave them for stopping their reruns of Golden Girls.) Sometimes I will lose a whole day because I start watching one movie and 5 movies later it’s dark out. Lifetime movie marathons are dangerous. My freshman year of college, my roommate and I literally became obsessed with She’s Too YoungWe had a countdown to the premiere and a party when it finally came on…and watched the reruns.

Granted the popularity of The Client List movie is why they turned it into a show…and so I’m willing to watch a few more episodes. Plus Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeous and I like seeing her outfits and makeup. But in general, I don’t think I can get behind a mom being a secret call girl with a heart of gold. I literally snorted when one of her clients “turned his life around” because of her. That doesn’t even make sense. And they’re glamourizing prostitution. All of the clients want Riley…it’s weird. I know she’s supporting her kids…but why can’t she get a job in a real spa and still have a heart of gold?

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