The Excalibur Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

Negative stars

I’m not trying to be dramatic but I will never step foot into the Excalibur again. Except for going to see the Australian lads in the Thunder From Down Under, which I find to be the hotel’s only redeeming quality (much to my boyfriend’s chagrin).

I’ll start with the blatant carelessness from housekeeping and then get into how I was scammed twice by the Excalibur.

I laughed when I walked into the room Saturday because the pillow wasn’t even in place. How much extra effort does it take to straighten a pillow on the bed? At least our sheets were changed Saturday because Friday’s sheets had multiple holes in them.

The stained towels in the bathroom smelled like mildew and this cup sat in the hall for over 12 hours:

During check-in we decided to upgrade to the “jacuzzi suite”…suite is a bit of a stretch for what our knight-themed room was. Just over 400 square feet and filthy. It is difficult to see in the photo below but the jacuzzi is splitting from the wall. And the inside was dirty. Extremely dirty. I refused to get in even with a swimsuit. There goes the extra $50 a day.

Bryan was a bit more brave:

Another complaint was that they do not have wifi. Instead, they have an extremely long ethernet cord that you have to hold in place while using your computer.

But I’ve saved my biggest complaint for last. In February 2012 my boyfriend and I were stopped by an Excalibur employee as were walking through the casino floor.

“Are you going to come back to Vegas this year?”  he asked. Of course we are. We love this place.

After a few qualifying questions such as where do you live and how old are you, he told us we could get a great deal for returning customers. $99 for 2 nights and 2 show tickets.I’m normally a Cosmopolitan or Bellagio girl but I don’t go to Vegas to hang out in the hotel room.  I am also a huge fan of Groupon and Living Social deals so I signed up on the spot.

When we arrived Friday afternoon we were told about the tour we were required to go on. “What tour?!” my boyfriend and I both asked it in complete horror. The 5 hour TIMESHARE tour we are required to go on in order to get our 2 nights and 2 show tickets for the $99 we already paid them.

Long story short…we didn’t have to go on the tour but we lost our $99 and we had to pay for our 2 nights. I would rather do that then spend 5 hours on a bus and lose precious time in Vegas. We booked at the Excalibur through and got 2 nights for $170 but when we checked-in decided to upgrade to the jacuzzi suite for $50 more a night (which somehow totals $145 extra instead of $100 according to my final bill). As I mentioned before, PASS.

But it gets better. When we initially told them we didn’t want to do the tour they threatened to charge us full-price for the 2 nights and we wouldn’t get the rooms. We finally agreed they wouldn’t charge us the penalty if we did book on our own and lost the $99. I was angry but agreed to it. I just came home and checked my credit card to discover that they did indeed charge us for the penalty. So I’ve been SCAMMED TWICE by the Excalibur. I ended up paying $550 for 2 nights. For just the room. That typically goes for $70 a night.

I have complained to the hotel multiple times (as has Bryan) but unsurprisingly have not heard a thing.

For Bryan’s hilarious review, please click here: Yelp

UPDATE: THE EXCALIBUR ISSUED ME A REFUND FOR THE $99 PENALTY FEE. While I am thankful for their assistance, I am still disappointed in the experience. Hopefully it will not happen to anyone else. 

The Excalibur Hotel & Casino
3850 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Neighborhood: The Strip

(702) 262-1658

3 thoughts on “The Excalibur Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

  1. Wow. I am so sorry you had such a bad time. We are actually getting married at Excalibur because we had such a great trip there. The renovated rooms are gorgeous and we booked our room for the wedding for 50 bucks a night. But the older rooms that have yet to be renovated that you stayed in do look scathe. :( sorry about your trip.

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