Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail It In

screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam
screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have 7 email accounts that I have to keep up with. It is enough to drive anyone mad. I wish there was some way to consolidate but unfortunately that seems impossible. Aside from my iPhone where I can consolidate 4 into one inbox, the others are still individual. And then there is social media…Facebook, Twitter, Fourquare, not to mention the push notifications that come with apps on my phone. My phone dings every 20 seconds.

No wonder I just want to unplug…and when I do, it is bliss.

You may wonder why I have so many email accounts; well, in short, I freelance and many of my accounts require different email addresses. But this is not the point. The point is that I have to check my email and be plugged into the world daily in order to do my job.

I read the 4-Hour Work Week and wanted more than anything to implement those rules. You know, checking email only twice a day. Well, I got yelled at and so that didn’t last too long.

This past weekend I went to Vegas and didn’t check my email. It was the first time in awhile I felt relaxed. Like there wasn’t something looming over me waiting to implode. I wonder if this is what others feel like that aren’t chained to their email.

Am I normal or do you feel obligated to your email inbox too?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail It In

  1. Great post…fyi MSN allow you to add other email accounts then everything will go to you one msn account. Google also offers this feature as probably yahoo to i just don’t use yahoo much so can’t confirm that… Good luck..

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