Best Search Terms of 2013

I’m sorry, y’all. I have been fairly MIA the second half of this year…life seemed to just get in the way. New Year though and my New Years resolution is to get back to blogging!

So for a laugh, I decided to compile the funniest search terms that landed people on my blog. (I am so glad that WordPress has this feature!) I just hope that these terms/words/phrases don’t actually describe me…

  • southern freak
  • people who couldn’t care less
  • i’m 28 and childless how do i open up for love
  • i love my new bangs
  • amanda de cadenet nude
  • candid camera massage
  • joelle pittman’s favorite bars
  • call girls in heraklion
  • getting used to glasses
  • joelle pittman wedding dresses
  • patti stanger eyeglasses
  • i’m 27 and single
  • beer bloating
  • did carrie bradshaw have bachelorette party
  • my father keeps pointing out i am childless
  • can’t believe i’m 28 childless and single
  • childless single people
  • my dad is a dog
  • joelle pittman live mouse trap
  • tie die dune buggy gokart for my birthday
  • childless freak
  • horse show dad quotes
  • turkey sex blog
  • secret hookah lounge
  • i’m 28 and single


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